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Sustainability Benchmark: New Packaging At ERIN

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Posted on November 10 2022

Sustainability Benchmark: New Packaging At ERIN

Moving forward: as of October 2022 we will have new packaging.

After months of research and development we are moving closer to becoming a plastic-free-packaging brand. This is a big step in completing our commitments of being part of PrAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement; i.e. reducing harmful waste in packaging.

It was quite a journey getting to this point...

First, we had to carefully assess what parts of our packaging practices we could change or potentially even remove removing the use of virgin plastics was the biggest goal!  Although our zip-lock packaging looked really sharp, they were extremely wasteful. 

Once we highlighted what needed to change, then it was a question of how. This is where partnering with prAna came in really helpful as they have over a decade of experience in testing best practices and methods. 

Finally, we had to wait to utilize stock of existing packaging before rolling out the new packaging. This was probably the hardest part, knowing we had a fabulous new solution and having to wait to unveil.

Fancy new recyclable bags for garments

Here’s what’s new:

Custom leotards: team orders will be rolled and tied using a scrap piece of leotard fabric with our new recycled card hang tag displayed. We feel that zero use of plastic and the utilization of fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away is a win-win.

Teamwear rolled and tied neatly

Custom warm-ups: again, team orders will be rolled, but this time wrapped in recycled card. This removes the need for hangtags and removes plastic waste. This is possible as the product essentially goes from factory to gymnast without sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf collecting dust!

In-Stock leotards: we will now be using superb glassine paper bags which are 100% curbside recyclable. A sticker will be applied to the front stating the design, color and size.

New sustainable packaging at ERIN

The innovation summary:

We replaced thick card stock to recycled card hang tags printed using soy based ink, plastic attachments with organic hemp that is biodegradable, and those zip-lock bags made way for recyclable (curbside) glassine paper bags. Our fitted jacket and leggings previously used industry standard single use plastic bags, those have been replaced with recycled card wraps - so now you'll receive a burrito looking package (and who doesn't love burritos!?)

We hope that this will be positively received by you, our lovely customers. Thanks for being a part in helping make gymnastics apparel more sustainable. When other brands use wasteful elaborate gift boxes and plastic suit covers, we will lead the way in our industry with more environmentally friendly practices.