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About Us

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011, Turn Gymnastics Apparel (TURN) was and still is the world’s only brand built specifically for men’s gymnastics. Since the brand first hit the competition floor during the London 2012 Olympic Games, TURN has grown to become the industry leader for men’s gymnastics apparel. Over the years TURN has been inundated with requests for a women’s line, something which we promised would never happen —TURN is and always will be for men.

To ensure TURN remained true to its word of being a brand dedicated to only men's gymnastics, in 2019 the company created a partner brand, restructuring its business to become TURN | ERIN Brands, LLC. With the launch of ERIN the company took the exciting leap into the world of women’s gymnastics by mirroring the tried and tested business model of a company called Boardriders, who own the men's surf brand Quicksilver and the women's surf brand Roxy. This allows us to more organically and effectively communicate with you and gives ERIN the ability to share in TURN's network of knowledge and expertise.

So Who Is ERIN?

Our brand name is a shout out to Germany; the “Fatherland” of modern gymnastics. German educator Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) is hailed by many as the Father of Modern Gymnastics, inventing many of the apparatus we still use to this day. The German word for gymnastics is TURNEN, and why the men’s brand is called TURN. The word for a female gymnast in German is TURNERIN, so taking out TURN, you are left with ERIN!

Fun fact: Our first lead designer was named Erin, a former NCAA gymnast herself - this led to some fun confusion!

Our circle logo is a stylized judges symbol for one of the hardest skills on beam – a triple spin, but check out our video…

In January, 2019, ERIN made it’s competition debut, proudly being worn by top ranked college team, the University of California, at Berkeley.

Like all things TURN, ERIN was born in the gym; working closely with top club and university gymnasts and coaches to create a debut range that was high in quality and built for functionality. Gymnastics is arguably the toughest sport on the planet, and we want the toughness and athleticism of women's gymnastics to shine strongly at ERIN!

We created our Pure Gymnastics tagline to encapsulate what ERIN represents. We will not be distracted by making cheerleading uniforms or anything else that would detract from our aim of producing the best performing products for female gymnasts.

In 2020 we launched our industry-leading, online design studio thereby giving our customers the ability to create their very own team leotards and warm-ups. We invite you to play on the platform and very much hope that we get the opportunity to work on outfitting your team this season.