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We’ve joined prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement!

We want you to proudly leap, jump, swing and salto in your ERIN apparel and gear, knowing that our world-class brand is doing everything it can to be an ethical business partner and minimize its ecological footprint.

About The Movement

Did you know that in 2016, the world generated 242 million tonnes of plastic waste, (that’s 12% of all solid waste) and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has found that the ocean will contain more plastic waste than fish by 2050 if we (as a global society) don’t take action to limit our dependence on plastics. We simply can’t ignore our responsibility to the earth and must acknowledge our part in the worldwide economy to offer better, gentler packaging to our customers. If we all take a step towards awareness, innovation and change, we can shift the odds.

Our Checklist of Change

We have set ourselves the target of driving change within the gymnastics apparel industry with the following goals:

End the use of single-use plastic polybags for individually packaging ERIN products. We plan to transition to 100% paper, FSC certified, and naturally biodegradeable packaging.

Target Date: December 2022

Ship orders in recycled eco-mailers or reused boxes using recycled tapes, adhesives and labels

Target Date: April 2022

Use 100% recycled hangtags and ditching the plastic fasteners for organic hemp string

Target Date: April 2022

Package custom team orders as "apparel burritos"; using recycled card wraps or tied with factory fabric scraps to reduce waste.

Target Date: June 2022

Environmental Stewardship

At ERIN, we already reuse boxes from suppliers and use compostable mailers to ship orders, so we are really excited to add to these practices. We’ve begun our journey by taking inventory from our suppliers and evaluating how soon we can move to more sustainable options. ERIN would love to be a part of the movement to help reduce the amount of waste caused by outdated "traditional packaging" norms.

Investment in sustainable packaging practices is very meaningful to us — it makes us feel even prouder of our emerging brand. Joining prAna in the Responsible Packaging Movement makes us feel like we're not alone, that our concerns and disgust for plastic waste are real. We now feel that we're part of a team, tackling the issue and helping move the needle with other brands. With the addition of all the resources that will now be open to us in becoming part of the movement, we will commence designing new packaging and moving to the new solutions.

Our Example: prAna

prAna is an activewear brand that has been innovating on their packaging for over a decade, and to make the biggest impact possible, they’ve decided to share their knowledge and passion with other brands (like ours) who are ready to make environmental-friendly practices a serious priority. In 2020, prAna launched the Responsible Packaging Movement — sharing their best practices and long-term learnings with fellow like-minded brands. At ERIN, we hope to play our part to create a positive seismic shift in the industry through strategic partnerships like this one.