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July '22 Emma Spence Leotard
July '22 Emma Spence Leotard

July '22 Emma Spence Leotard

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Welcome to our ‘Leotard of the Month' page where each month we'll curate new limited-edition leotards with exciting seasonal themes and personalization features. This leotard will go into production as soon as the targeted amount of support is generated (in this case, 10 pre-orders). Make sure to pre-order asap if you want to add this beautiful leotard to your closet because the sales window is timed! Please note: order ships approx 6 weeks after the order window closing date (i.e. January 23rd 2023).

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Why we designed this

Do you see stars or maple leaves? It's a glorious print that celebrate the lustrous gymnastics career of miss Emma Spence, a Canadian elite gymnast and a current NCAA competitive gymnast in America. The red is symbolic of both Canada as well as the Huskers (Nebraska collegiate team). 

What fabrics we used

Made of matte nylon spandex fabric, sublimated ERIN print created in collaboration with Emma Spence.

What else is cool about this leotard

You may recognize the style as it is our Maria construction, with nice comfortable wide straps and a partial mesh back. Read more about Emma Spence, her gymnastics journey, and this design here on our blog.

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