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August '23 Lovely Leotard
August '23 Lovely Leotard

August '23 Lovely Leotard

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Welcome to our ‘Leotard of the Month' page where each month we'll curate new limited-edition leotards with exciting seasonal themes and personalization features. This leotard will go into production as soon as the targeted amount of support is generated (in this case, 10 pre-orders). Make sure to pre-order asap if you want to add this beautiful leotard to your closet because the sales window is timed! Please note: order ships approx 6 weeks after the order window closing date (i.e. September 26th).

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Why we designed this 

This leotard is a very special concept imagined by our amazing product development team at ERIN — a sleeveless version of the fabulous long sleeve competition leotard that we submitted to Inside Gymnastics for the 2023 Lovely Leotard Challenge!

We can't wait for the leotard reveal in this August's issue of Inside Gymnastics Magazine (North America's leading publication for all things gymnastics).

Every customer who purchases this month's 'Leotard of the Month' will receive a special discount code (courtesy of Inside Gymnastics) to receive 10% off their new/next subscription!

What fabrics we used

Made of white lycra fabric, fully lined torso (tan lining), performance mesh detail in center (white lining), silver mystique appliqué (silver details), and ruby red and silver-white stones.

What else is cool about this leotard

This is one of our newest styles for competition-wear this year. We love the silver detailing, the sparkling stones, the diamond-shaped open upper back and the high neckline. We are so excited to have this beautiful leotard make its debut as a truly unique 'Leotard of the Month'  — enjoy representing Inside Gymnastics on the right hip and ERIN on the left hip with this edition!


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