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Custom Longsleeve Leotard
Custom Longsleeve Leotard

Custom Longsleeve Leotard



Why we designed this

Customize with color blocking, ombré effects, logo implementation, ERIN stock prints or request creation of a print uniquely yours. Choose from any array of different stone placements across arms, shoulders, chest, back, and waistline. Mesh can be lined or unlined depending on placement (such as arms or neckline and some elements of back).

Details we love

Stunning, soft, and made for movement. This performance-ready leotard will definitely be the perfect match for a show-stopping routine!

About the materials used

Sublimated fabric : 82% Polyester & 18% Spandex / Dyed Fabric: Nylon 82% & 18% Spandex

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